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When I published my first book years ago, the plan was clear: there would also be a website for the book, plus maybe a newsletter, and a Facebook page probably had to be there, too. Well, the world has changed. I prefer to be where my readers are – and that means you can now find me on many other platforms as well. But after all, it would be boring if you read and saw the same thing everywhere. So it’s time for a little overview: Where can you find what from Brandon Q. Morris and how often?


What: The latest research news from space, space travel, physics and astronomy.

How often? About two to three times a week.


What? News about my writing, research, new books, future projects, book PDFs.

How often? About every three weeks.

Facebook page:

What: New publications, interesting links to articles, short snippets.

How often. Almost every day (multilingual).


What? If you sign up here (“Follow” button), Amazon will notify you on time about my new releases.

How often? With every new book.

Facebook group:

What? Smaller group discussions, science topics, questions about books (multiple languages).

How often? Based entirely on the needs of the group members.


What: Visuals – stunning images and videos.

How often: Once or twice a week.


What, book trailers!

How often. On most books.


What? New releases, any deals (rarely though)

How often: With most new books.


What? Yes, feel free to email me, I always reply 🙂 .

How often? Your choice.

Do you have a favorite platform where I’m not on yet? Or have you been on X for a long time but never visited me there? Then I am always happy about a visit!

Is there also some place where I can’t be found? Definitely, like: Tinder (haha), LinkedIn, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, Discord (account exists …) …

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  • BrandonQMorris
  • Brandon Q. Morris is a physicist and space specialist. He has long been concerned with space issues, both professionally and privately and while he wanted to become an astronaut, he had to stay on Earth for a variety of reasons. He is particularly fascinated by the “what if” and through his books he aims to share compelling hard science fiction stories that could actually happen, and someday may happen. Morris is the author of several best-selling science fiction novels, including The Enceladus Series.

    Brandon is a proud member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and of the Mars Society.